Seeds quality:
Purity:   ≥94.0%
Neatness:  ≥98.0%
Germination percentage: ≥85%
Moisture:  ≤12.0%

Seed longevity: 2  Years

Certification: ISO 9001
Product name: GAOCHANCHANGJIANGWANG Cowpea Bean Seeds

Origin:  Fujian China mainland


GAOCHANCHANGJIANGWANG Cowpea Bean Seeds Characteristics:

1. Strong resistance to heat, drought and disease; high quality; wide adaptability.
2. Early maturity; small leaf; productive. Thick pod, 70-80cm long. 35 days from sowing to harvest.
3. Pay attention to control nitrogen fertilizer and water, to prevent excessive growth, but to supply base manure and potash fertilizer heavily.
4. Pay attention to prevent powdery mildew and rust disease, and aphid and pod borer from damage. Cultivate from Spring through Fall, suitable temperature is 16-30 degree celsius. It is the best choice for farmer.
5. For field management, supply adequate organic manure; less water and top dressing of nitrogen fertilizer in early period so as to prevent excessive growth; top dressing once nitrogen fertilizer after each harvest, and keep adequate moisture.
6. Prevent aphid and cabbage worm in early period, and pod borer in podding period, and also prevent and control rust disease and leaf spot disease from damage.

Packing & Delivery


100-200g/bag, also sell in bulk

We also support customized package.


1. Sample order or small order, sent by EMS or Airplane

2. For big order, we delivery by shipping

Our services

1. We treat every customer as a friend.
2. Good after- servive provide for our sincere customers.
3. During trial our seeds,we wil do our best to resolve customers problems when planting.